One of my biggest hobbies has always been looking at magazines, collecting them, collaging them, using them for decorating, basically I've always been infatuated with the touch of a glossy mag.

It all started when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My mother had a Vogue magazine laying around our home when we lived in Texas in the early part of my childhood. It was right around the same time that I would flip through the pages of my Childcraft Encyclopedia (circa 1987) for FUN. The Disney movie reruns bored me by noon, so I resorted to the encyclopedias my mother decided to purchase for my brother and I. Of course, I had no knowledge of the English language at this point so I looked at pictures. I would study them, analyze the picture to get my own interpretation of what was going on in the context. So when the time came that I flipped through the first pages of my mother's glossy mag, I began to make the connections of dressing up. I recall watching my mother do her makeup every day and would study the time and detail she took to apply each product, and thus my connection to the art of aesthetics was born.

Till this day, I still resort to magazines for inspiration. I'm one of those girls that seeks out inspiration page by page. Now, I see the pages through a different point of view. I digitize all aspects of a layout and think to myself, "How could this be replicated online?" So I put my skills to the test after seeing this Karl Lagerfeld Q&A (pictured above) that I came across via the pages of Harper's Bazaar and personalized myself. Enjoy!